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Welcome to All Through The House (Velkommen in Norwegian)!

All Through The House is located in the center of Stoughton Wisconsin’s historic shopping district and has been so since its inception in 1997.  Our specialty shop is known for many different types of merchandise, ranging from gourmet cookware, foods and kitchen gadgets to personal items (scarves, watches, purses, etc.), and from family entertainment (games, puzzles, etc.) to seasonal and everyday serveware and home decor.  Because of the breadth of our assortments, we can’t possibly show you the full array of quality goods we have to offer you on this website.  So we invite you to visit us at our home in Stoughton and experience first-hand that which is All Through The House. Fun. Specialty.  That’s who we are.   So, make a day of it. 

Can’t make the trip in person?  Then, is the next best thing.  Give us a try.  We think you’ll like us. 

Who We Are

We started All Through The House to create a place to meet new people who actively shared our passion for cooking and baking.  We have been true to that vision.  Through the years, people have entered as customers and have left as friends and fellow “foodies”.  

Opening the shop door you’ll be met with the sights, sounds and smells of a truly operational kitchen store.  Stroll the two floors and enjoy the personal touches that take you back to a simpler time:   A time when neighborliness and common courtesies were everyday occurrences; a time when shopkeepers knew you and your family members and called you by name; a time when merchandise knowledge was an expected trait of all store staff. 

Well, All Through The House delivers on those old-fashioned characteristics and that unique experience keeps drawing our customers back to us.  In fact, our shop has become intertwined with the lives of many of our customers whom we now call friends.  We’ve watched children grow up, marry, and now have children of their own.  And, they still keep shopping with us.

We don’t take that loyalty for granted. We know there are many shopping options you have, but when you go out of your way to shop All Through The House, we are honored and humbled.  Thanks to all of you who have kept us in business all these years.  If it weren’t for all of you, coupled with incredible vendors and informed staff, we wouldn’t exist today.

Here’s to a great past and to a bright future where we can call you one of our shop friends, too!

Thank you for shopping All Through The House.

Our People

Kim Walter, General Manager, is known throughout the region for her genuine, helpful nature to ensure that our guests are treated with utmost congeniality and leave with a great customer experience.  Our staff members are equally excited about what our store offers and help bring our shop’s vision to life.  They are expert cooks in their own rights and receive ongoing encouragement to continue to hone their skills and cooking imaginations.

Fun for Foodies (and food newbies, too)!

In 1999, we added cooking classes to our roster of in-store events that have become so popular that we generally sell out of our seats within 72 hours of publishing the season’s attractions.  We have many popular chefs (read more about them in our Chef listing under the cooking classes tab) who return year after year because of the more “personal” feel of our classes compared to our competition.

FREE Gift Wrapping

Make a purchase and we’ll happily wrap that item for you.  For free.  Now that saves you time and money.  Our friends see it as convenience.  We see it as value-added.

Questions regarding products, order delivery, or returns? Please contact us during business hours at 608.877.9403 or at

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Our Stoughton Home

Many of our friends around the country have asked us to open stores in their locations.  We have been flattered and have considered some of those requests.  But in the end,  our hearts belong to Stoughton. 

Stoughton is a thriving community of 12,000 strong rich in history and diversity.  Founded in 1847, the City of Stoughton is known for its distinct Norwegian history as well as being the birthplace of the coffee break.  Stoughton also boasts one of the few remaining second story theaters in the Midwest – the beautifully restored Stoughton Opera House where many nationally known artists come to entertain to full houses. Located just 15 miles south of Madison, Stoughton is a city not to be missed!

Nestled alongside the Yahara River, Stoughton boasts a vibrant downtown business section, surrounded by several historic neighborhoods, containing a wide variety of building styles, including Victorian, Arts and Crafts and Italianate.

Stoughton is truly a unique shopping destination.  Through the past 150-plus years, Stoughton has grown from a small town with a lumber mill and general store to a modern community filled with culture, industry and charm.  Many of the small boutiques along Stoughton’s Main Street are locally owned and you will find things that reflect the shopkeepers’ interests and tastes. And it’s not just the merchandise that is unique:  many of these proprietors have adapted 19th century buildings to accent the personality of their collections. A leisurely stroll along Main Street captivates the eye with gift shops, antiques stores, art galleries, craft shops and restaurants housed lovingly in restored historic buildings.  Many of these shops have followed our lead and now offer classes, in everything from cooking to jewelry making and quilting to digital photography.


We invite you to explore our fabulous retail shops and make Stoughton your shopping destination.


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