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All reservations must be made by phone or in person.  Payment is expected at the time of
registration.  Checks are accepted as well as MasterCard, Visa, Discover
and American Express.

If you are registering with a gift card, please have it handy when calling in.

We will need numbers off the back of the card to complete the registration

All classes start at 6:30 pm unless otherwise indicated.

All classes are demonstration format unless otherwise indicated with “HANDS
ON!!”   Some classes may offer a “hands-on opportunity”–the description will indicate.

(Last update:  September 14 2019,  3:25 pm )

Chinese Take Out at Home

Date:Wednesday, September 11

Instructor:  Lily Kilfoy

Fee:  $55.00

Availability:  just 1 -2 seats left

For a quick dinner, who doesn’t enjoy stopping by your favorite Asian restaurant to pick up

little containers of goodies?  But what if you could make some of these dishes at home?

Producing your own “Chinese Take-Out” would be a much healthier answer, controlling the

oils and adding in more of what you love ingredients!  So tonight let Lily will show you how to make

some restaurant-style favorites!  On her menu tonight is Pan-fried Chinese Pork and Napa Cabbage

Potstickers with Sesame-Scallion Dipping Sauce;  3 Cups Chicken–a Taiwanese specialty
of chicken
braised in dark sesame oil, rice wine and soy sauce;  and Vegetable Fried Rice with

Peas, Carrots, Bean Sprouts, Garlic and Soy Sauce.  Invite your friends-this is my kind of take out!

Away Again in Margaritaville

Date:Thursday, September 12

Instructor:  Betsy Piper

Fee:  $55.00

Availability:  sorry, sold out again!  (please leave your name if you are interested in this class!)

REPEATED BY REQUEST!!  Margaritaville is a state of mind.It’s always 5 o’clock, 85 degrees, sunny, and a Jimmy

Buffet tune is playing…somewhere. So let’s go!  Betsy will lead the charge to the beach with her culinary itinerary!

First stop-appetizers:  Margaritaville Shrimp sautéed in a tequila-lime sauce.  Next stop:an entrée of Baked Chicken

Thighs with Chili-Lime Rub, served with pineapple, green onion and cilantro rice.  Third stop:tropical Paradise Island

salad with Lime-Honey Vinaigrette.  Last stop:a delightful light treat of Key Lime Mousse.  And what trip to

Margaritaville would be complete without Margaritas-”that frozen concoction that helps me hang on”?

No need to look for your lost shaker of salt!

Whole Food, Plant Based Living:European-Style Breads

Date: Tuesday, September 17

Instructor:  Carola Breckbill

Fee:  $48.00

Availability:  just 1 seat left!   (if we sell out, we have a second date planned)

On a recent trip to Germany, Carola was inspired by the variety of breads available.  After doing some homework,

she has discovered ways to incorporate European style breads into the healthful Whole Food, Plant

Based Lifestyle she holds so dear. Tonight, Carola will share what she has learned about European breads using

plant-based principles.  Her discovery of Wurzelbrot, a Swiss-German bread has helped her create breads that

are lower in sodium, using more whole grain flours, producing higher fiber content and a lower glycemic index.

With the help of local Wisconsin flours, Carola will share with you her Crusty French Bread; a low calorie Lemon

-Plum Coffee Cake and more.  And class will enjoy Pan Bagnat, a French-style sandwich loaded with vegetables

and vegan tuna salad, perfect for a picnic lunch.

Apple ‘Gala’

Date:Wednesday, September 18

Instructor:  Jill McLeod

Fee:  $55.00

Availability:  just 1-2 seats left!

It is Apple Harvest time in Wisconsin, when we cannot get enough apples!  A $24 million dollar harvest for the

state’s apple growers, the majority of which are found in southwest counties as well as Door County and

Bayfield.  This year, the new varieties to watch for are Koru, Rave, and Cosmic Crisp!Whatever you choose, get

your share of the harvest at your favorite farm or orchard, then join Jill for some great ideas on using them for

dinner!  Jill’s planned celebration of the apple menu starts with an Autumn Chutney, used as an appetizer with

cheese and crackers, as an accompaniment to meats, or even as a dessert!  Roasted Vegetables and Apples, a

perfect side–or even a main dish!–will accompany Sauteed Chicken with Cream and Calvados.A delicious light

dessert of Cardamom Apple Cake will complete your meal.

Cooking with Honey for Fall!

Date:  Thursday, September 19

Instructor:  Betsy Piper

Fee:  $55.00

Availability:  sold out!  (if you are interested in this class, leave your name with us on our wait list!)

NEW FOR FALL!  A favorite class from spring, Betsy has revised the dishes with a tip towards fall.  So join your

fellow honey enthusiasts and bee buddies for a special celebratory dinner featuring honey!  Tonight’s menu starts

with a Honey Soaked Spiked Zoodle Slaw, served with light and fluffy Honey Buttermilk Bisuits and Honey Butter.

Betsy’s main course of Balsamic Honey Barbecue Chicken is accompanied by Honey Chipotle Roasted Acorn Squash

and Sweet Potato Fries with Curry-Honey Sauce.  And for dessert, enjoy a slice of Honey Mascarpone Cheesecake.

It’s another honey of a class!

Autumn Indian Dinner

Date:Tuesday, September 24

Instructor:  Neeta Saluja

Fee:  $48.00

Availability:  6 seats available

Taste the warm-up flavors of India with Neeta as the fall rolls in here in Wisconsin.  Tonight Neeta will share

with you a dish to add to your soup repertoire for fall.  A favorite in southern India, Sambhar is chock full of

lentils and vegetables, and seasoned with chilies, cumin seeds, coriander seeds and fresh coconut.  Accompanying

Sambhar will be Oothappam, savory pancakes made from a rice and lentil batter, served with herbs and vegetables

added.  Add a flavorful side of Red Pepper Chutney-a stir fried blend of peppers, spices and tamarind juice-and

you have a delicious and memorable dinner!

Taco Fiesta

Date:  Wednesday, September 25

Instructor:  Lily Kilfoy

Fee:  $55.00

Availability:  6 seats available!

Tacos are again on the trending charts in restaurants, and the more variety, the better!  And variety is in types of

protein (how about lamb or calamari tacos!), toppers, sauces-the sky’s the limit!  Tonight, Lily will share her take

on the taco phenomenon with three dishes you will want to add to your repertoire.  Try her Chicken Flautas, full of

stewed and shredded chicken breast, rolled into corn tortillas and fried till crisp; topped with pico de gallo, sour cream,

cheese and lettuce.  The Baja Fish Tacos wrap seasoned and pan-fried white fish in warm flour tortillas with purple

cabbage slaw, chipotle mayo and avocado.  And the Tacos al Pastor feature pork loin marinated in pineapple,

oranges, chilis and spices.Grilled, sliced thin and served with grilled pineapple, cilantro, onions, fresh Roasted

Tomatillo salsa and warm corn or flour tortillas.You’ll be inspired to come up with your own taco party entries!

Oktoberfest-Bitte ein Bier!

Date:Thursday, September 26

Instructor:  Betsy Piper

Fee:  $55.00

Availability:  10 seats available

In Munich, Oktoberfest, the celebration of the harvest-and beer!, starts September 21 and runs through
October 6.  That’s a lot of bier!  Plan your own Oktoberfest party with a heads up from Betsy!  Learn to prepare

some staple starters, Gourmet Beer Cheese Spread and, what would a German menu be without fresh Pretzels?

And who could resist Bacon-wrapped Bratwurst Bites?  Add a delicious entrée of Pork Loin marinated in beer,

mustard and honey;  accompanied by fresh Spaetzle dumplings; and traditional Red Cabbage.  Finish your meal

with a classic Apfelkuchen, apple cake!  Lift your glass to a wonderful German meal!

Cooking with Beer

Date:Tuesday, October 1

Instructor:  Tom Wolowik

Fee:  $55.00

Availability: 10 seats available

In this age of craft beers of every taste and character, what better to add to your food than a flavorful beer? 

Tom, a beer lover himself, enjoys trying new things and experimenting with food, and has developed these recipes

for using beers!  Come talk beer and cooking with Tom tonight as he prepares this tasty menu:  Tom’srecipe for

Frijoles Borrachos (Drunken Beans), freshly made beans served with chips and accompaniments, leaves lots of

room for many variations!  His Chicken Thighs with Weizen Sauce is rich roasted in beer and aromatic veggies.

And a ‘company’s coming’ Guiness Braised Beef recipe braises your beef in stock and beer  and will make you want

to catch all the gravy drippings!  Top it all off with a simple yet grownup Chocolate Stout Sundae, made with your

favorite rich and sweet stout!


Date:Wednesday, October 2

Instructor:  Jill McLeod

Fee:  $55.00

Availability:  sold out!  (if  interested in this class, please c all and leave your name for our waiting list!)

Here comes fall-here comes fall baking!  Curl up with fall favorites–a new book, a cuppa tea and a comforting

fluffy scone.  If you have wanted to perfect your scone-making abilities, let Jill teach you how it is done!  Jill will

teach you the Basic Scone Recipe that, once mastered, will allow for more creative Variations.  Next, learn the

‘to die for’ treat, the Sour Cream Scone, and some variations to this ‘next level’ recipe.  How about a savory

Rosemary Cheddar Scone to go with all the fall soups coming into their own?  And Jill will share her recipe for the

classic scone accompaniment, Lemon Curd–perfectly sweet, perfectly tart!

Whole Food, Plant-Based Living goes Italian!

Date:Thursday, October 3

Instructor:  Betsy Piper

Fee:  $55.00

Availability:  8 seats available

Inspired by Carola, Betsy takes Whole Food Plant Based Living to Italy for her spin on vegan-friendly Italian
food.  Betsy has been dabbling in the plant based life for the last few years, and has stepped up to the challenge of
flavorful plant based foods.  Betsy has put together an Italian inspired menu for you to learn and add to your
repertoire.  Start with a fresh Caprese Salad with silken tofu and tomatoes.  Next, what would an Italian
menu be without pizza?  Try Betsy’s Portobello Mushroom Pizza with Spinach, Tomato, Marinara and Vegan

Cheese!  Enjoy a treat of her Baked Zucchini Fries.  Try a Stuffed Tomato with Cannellini Beans, Artichoke

Hearts, Onions and Basil Pesto.  Try a Fettuccini Alfredo made vegan-friendly secret ingredients!  And for

dessert?  Lemon ‘pentole di crema’  a creamy lemon dessert made with silken tofu.  Enjoy!

Instant pot-alicious!

Date:Wednesday, October 9

Instructor:  Lily Kilfoy

Fee:  $55.00

Availability:  now just 2-3 seats available

HANDS ON!!  BY REQUEST!!  Using your Instant Pot is very convenient and time saving,

but once you get past the basics, what else can it do?   Lily will show you how to get

more out of and maximize your use your Instant Pot.  We’ll be asking for several
volunteers to bring their Instant Pot in to use during class.  This hands-on class will have

you preparing recipes with your pot to share with the others in the class.  Lily’s planned class

features these dishes:  Devilish Deviled Eggs-did you know you can make perfect hard boiled

eggs in your Instant Pot?  Lily’s recipe includes paprika, Cajun spices and bacon!  Fragrant Dal

Soup-Soup from scratch in under an hour!  Delicious red lentil soup wit
h aromatic spices, sauteed 

vegetables, chicken stock and fresh mint.  Chinese Plum Chili Chicken-a Chinese take-out inspired

dish full of chicken, sweet and spicy plum sauce, garlic and more.  Braised Beef with Potatoes,
Carrots and
Gravy-a comfort food tradition–Chuck roast braised in red wine, aromatics and beef

stock, finished with baby red potatoes and carrots.  Herbed Jasmine Rice Pilaf-make a perfect
and flavorful rice side dish in your Instant Pot in under 40 minutes!

Taste of Alaska

Date:Thursday, October 10

Instructor:  Betsy Piper

Fee:  $55.00

Availability:  sold out!  (if interested, please leave your name on our wait list!  We are working on a second class for the wait list!))

Anyone who has visited Alaska either by land or by sea knows that this is a land rich in fish and seafood!  Home to

arguably the world’s best salmon and King Crab, the prime of Alaskan cuisine comes from the sea and its’ waters.

Tonight Betsy will show you a sampling of those that Alaska is known for.  Start with a Baked Seafood Mac and

Cheese, a version full of shrimp, lobster cream, cheddar cheese, bacon and bread crumbs.  Your entrée has to use

crab, so Betsy’s King Crab Paella adapts the Spanish classic to the great Northwest, with king crab legs, chicken,

tomatoes, and more, served with rice.  And what else would be appropriate on this Alaskan menu than the dessert

named to commemorate the Alaskan Purchase,  Individual Baked Alaskas made with pound cake, ice cream and meringue!

Indian Comfort Foods

Date:Monday, October 14

Instructor:  Neeta Saluja

Fee:  $48.00

Availability:  8 seats available

Some dishes in India, like here in Wisconsin, are plain old comfort food-with great memories associated with
them.For a lot of people here, Mac and Cheese fits that description.  Tonight, Neeta will share some of the beloved

favorites from her homeland.  For some. Khichri is a well-loved-and regionally varied dish from home!  Made of rice

and moong lentils, cooked with vegetables and spices into a thick porridge, everyone seems to have fond memories

of their own adaptations.  Another favorite taste of home is Spinach Kadhi, a seasoned and sautéed spinach dish

flavored with a yogurt sauce, prepared with garbanzo bean flour and yogurt.  Kadhi is often eaten like a soup with

one of many Indian breads!  Finally, enjoy a tasty plate of Chicken Kofta: ground chicken marinated with coriander,

garam masala and other spices, rolled into balls around whole almonds or dried apricots and baked in the oven. 

Sometimes served as an appetizer, Chicken Kofta can be served as is or sauced.  You’ll want to add these dishes

to your weeknight schedule.

Potatoes: Peru’s Perfect Present!

Date:Wednesday, October 16

Instructor:  Jill McLeod

Fee:  $55.00

Availability:  6 seats available

There are so many ways to prepare potatoes, you could probably cook something with a potato every day of your
life and never repeat (unless you wanted to!).  To further complicate that statement, there are over 200 varieties of
potatoes in the US alone.  So get going!  Start your potato recipe collection with Jill’s class tonight as she demonstrates

a variety of dishes starring potatoes.  Start with an appetizer (or meal!), Rosemary Potato Soup, a hearty and creamy

soup with a hint of rosemary.  A side of Crispy Parmesan Potato Wedges follows (which Jill says can be a meal for her!).

Another side, Cast Iron Skillet Potato Cake, baked up crispy on the outside, soft and potatoe-y on the inside, can be

served as is or topped with any variety of ingredients.  Finally, from Italy, try a main dish of Gnocchi with Sage and

Bacon, a hearty dish made with potato dumplings.

Jacques Pepin:Ocean Cruise

Date:Thursday, October 17

Instructor:  Betsy Piper

Fee:  $55.00

Availability:  just 1 seat left!

REVISED MENU!!  World famous chef, Jacques Pepin, also serves in the position of Executive Culinary Director
for Oceania Cruise Lines.  You can cruise for 10 to 12 days with Chef Pepin as host, and enjoy his hands-on cooking
classes in the Culinary Center; as well as Chef-inspired special menus in Jacques, his signature restaurant,
modeled after Parisian bistros, starting at 4549.00

OR-you can come to All Through The House and see how Chef Pepin has inspired Betsy!Tonight, Betsy will prepare

some of Chef’s special dishes!  Start with an appetizer of Souffle au fromage de chevre Monte Carlo, a goat cheese

souffle with tomato sauce.  From the menu aboard, Steak in Cognac Cream Sauce, served with Pommes Frites,

traditional French potatoes.  And what could be a more French finish than Tarte aux Pommes à la Frangipane (apple

tart with almond paste)?

Can’t get enough Pumpkin!

Date: Monday, October 21

Instructor:  Susie Feest

Fee:  $48.00

Availability:  just 1-2 seats left!

Love pumpkin?  Do you love fall BECAUSE OF PUMPKIN?  This is your class!  Susie has put together a class that is full

of pumpkin!  Tonight, you will enjoy both sweet and savory pumpkin, trying different dishes featuring the favorite fall
squash!  Start with a Harvest Salad with Pumpkin Vinaigrette and Toasted Pumpkin Seeds.  Your light meal continues

with a Pumpkin Soup with Curried Crème Fraiche, served in Individual Roasted Pumpkins.  Add a Pumpkin and Candied

Ginger Scone, perfect accompaniment to your salad or breakfast the next day!  And for dessert, a classic Pumpkin Swirl

Cheesecake with Vanilla Bean Whipped Cream.


Date:Wednesday, October 23

Instructor:  Jill McLeod

Fee:  $55.00

Availability:  8 seats available

The mysterious mushroom.  People either love them or hate them.  This class is for the those in the first group! 

Mushroom lovers may know that there are AT LEAST 10000 varieties of mushrooms–including poisonous

versions–and most likely more.  Tonight join Jill to discover why mushrooms are such fungis to have to a

meal!  Mushrooms are a natural as an appetizer-in some cases, the perfect bite-size carrier of flavor!  Jill will

prepare two: Chorizo Mushroom Caps, a stuffed hors d’oeuvres;  and Mushroom Pate, a great spread for bread

or crackers.  Jill will teach you technique to perfectly sauté mushrooms.  Learn to make a delicious Mushroom

Gravy; and use it with Jill’s main dish of Mushroom Risotto.

Visiting Lisbon

Date:Thursday, October 24

Instructor:  Betsy Piper

Fee:  $55.00

Availability:  6 seats available

The Portugese capital city is perched on the hilly Iberian Pennisula between the River Tagus and the Atlantic Coast.

The cuisine has a Mediterranean influence-heavy on seafood and fish, a wide variety of spices, olive oil, garlic and

herbs are all very dominant ingredients.  One of the favorite dishes, Bacalhau, salted cod, can be found in everything

from main dishes to soups to sandwiches.  The desserts of the region are famous for the pastel de nata, any of a large

variety of custardy pastries.  Tonight Betsy takes you there to enjoy some of the flavors of Lisbon!  A famous dish,

Cataplana, a seafood and pork stew, is full of mussels, sausage, tomatoes, cream and white wine.  Bife à Café, a

café-style steak prepared with brandy, madeira and ham, served with fried potatoes and the well-known Portugese

condiment, Piri-Piri oil.  After a fresh salad, enjoy a regional dessert, Jesuitas, a triangular shaped puff pastry with

almond cream honoring the hat shape of the Jesuits.

Fall Soups with Tom

Date:Tuesday, November 5

Instructor:  Tom Wolowik

Fee:  $55.00

Availability:  8 seats available

Fall into winter is time to get the soup pot back out and park it on the stove top.And hearty soups start at this time

of year and carry through most of the winter.  So let’s refresh our collections with Tom’s class.Tom will share three

of his favorites with you tonight.  Try his Fall Vegetable with Ham; White Bean Soup with Sausage and Kale; and

a special Cioppini with Seafood Medley.  These hearty soups only require your favorite crusty bread to accompany

them and they are a meal!

All About Sweet Spices with Jill

Date:Wednesday, November 6

Instructor:  Jill McLeod

Fee:  $55.00

Availability:  9 seats available

The baking spices are now in full swing!  Time to check your supplies of sweet spices like cinnamon, ginger, allspice and,

in these parts, cardamom, in preparation for holiday baking.  But what if you aren’t baking?  What else can you do with

these sweet spices?  Let Jill educate your palate!  Jill, our defacto spice expert, enjoys sharing her spice knowledge with

students, and tonight’s tasty lesson is just what you are looking for!  Try a side or dessert of Gingered Melon.  You won’t

want to share your Cinnamon Bacon (as Jill says, take it into a closet and hoard it by yourself!).  As a main or side dish,

you’ll be surprised the sweet spices that find themselves in a hearty Moroccan Couscous.  Of course, Jill must share a

sweet treat with sweet spices-enjoy a Super Snickerdoodle!  And try some spiced up fall warmer-uppers, Chai and

Mexican Coffee.

Dining with Pavarotti

Date:Thursday, November 7

Instructor:  Betsy Piper

Fee:  $55.00

Availability:  6 seats now available

In Milan is a restaurant and museum dedicated to the Maestro, Luciano Pavarotti.  His love of food was second

only to his love of music, and this restaurant is devoted to the foods he loved, the foods of Italy and especially

the Emilian region.  You can check out the Pavarotti Milano Restaurant Museum at

and the full menu.  Tonight, Betsy will bring you some of the Maestro’s favorites.  Start with an appetizer of

Marinated Antipasto; followed by Pavarotti’s own Linguini Recipe.  Enjoy a fine Steak with Porcini Mushrooms and

Sherry Wine Sauce and Insalata di Arugula, an arugula salad.  For dessert, try Torta Barozzi, an Emilia original from

Vignola, outside of Modena.  Home to balsamic vinegar, this sinful flourless almond chocolate cake is flavored with

prized, rich and aged version of the vinegar adding a distinctive zest!

Holiday Sides

Date:Wednesday, November 13

Instructor:  Jill McLeod

Fee:  $55.00

Availability:  8 seats available

At holiday time, whether you are hosting the feast or bringing a dish to pass, we all are looking for either a new dish

or an update for a traditional one.  Jill to the rescue!Her menu for tonight’s class is a twist on classics with a dash of

new!  For example, try her family favorite that brightens up the harvest table, Vanilla Carrots.  Instead of a yeast roll,

why not incorporate a delicious Rosemary and Aged Cheddar Scone? (PS–if there’s any left, an amazing leftover

too!)  Sweet potatoes always make an appearance at the holidays-try Jill’s new take with her Sweet Potato, Chickpea

and Feta Cheese Bake.  And to kick it up a notch, add Roasted Aloo Gobi to your table-roasted potatoes and

cauliflower in a blanket of a warming spice blend.  PS.Great sides-and sometimes even main dishes–for everyday too!

Tips and Tricks: It’s Puff Pastry Time!

Date:Thursday, November 14

Instructor:  Betsy Piper

Fee:  $55.00

Availability:  8 seats available

We always look forward to this annual entry to our cooking class schedule to see what puff pastry treats Betsy has

up her sleeve this time!First and foremost, Betsy will show novices how to become comfortable–then savvy!-with

puff pastry by sharing tips and techniques she has learned over the years.  Learn some fun treats and menu for your

holiday entertaining!  Betsy’s planned menu includes; Pizza Turnovers;  Sweet and Savory Pannis; Puff Taco Strudel;

Puff Pastry Wrapped Shrimp with Bacon and Herbed Cheese; Mini Cheese Tartlets; Chicken en croute; and a sweet

addition for your table, Lemon Mini Napoleons.

Whole Food, Plant-Based Living:Holiday Feast

Date:Tuesday, November 19

Instructor:  Carola Breckbill

Fee:  $48.00

Availability:  now just 1-2 seats left!

Join Carola to learn how to put
together a completely plant based Thanksgiving feast!  Celebrate

the harvest with a smorgasbord of
colorful vegetables, grains, roots, nuts and fruits transformed

into a
gratifying ‘traditional’ meal.  Relish
plant based recipes that are oil-free, low fat, minimally

processed and loaded
with nutrients and fiber!  Carola’s feasting
menu will include:  Wild Rice

Butternut Stuffing;  Lentil Loaf with Thyme;  Mushroom Gravy; Roasted Garlic Potato Mash;

Cranberry Date Relish; and even a dessert-Raw Chocolate Pumpkin Pie!  Bring
your bib!


Date:Wednesday, November 20

Instructor:  Lily Kilfoy

Fee:  $55.00

Availability:  8 seats are available

Menu not ready, will follow

Elegant and Easy Holiday Bites

Date:Thursday, November 21

Instructor:  Betsy Piper

Fee:  $55.00

Availability: 10

Our annual holiday celebration classes wouldn’t be the same without Betsy’s ‘bites’ class!  In setting up your holiday

grazing table, the variety of ‘nibbles’ in both flavor and look adds to the presentation!  Tonight, join Betsy for her

group of apps sure to get your party started!  Check out this planned menu:  Antipasto Bites-salami baked in muffin

tines filled with artichoke hearts, red bell pepper, basil and mini mozzarella balls.  Christmas Tree Roll Up-festive

with spinach tortilla wrapped around cream cheese, olives, red peppers, basil and parmesan.  Bacon wrapped

Artichoke Bites with Aioli.  Mini Crab Cakes with Lemon Aioli.  Easy Mini Mousse Dessert Bites.  Score some great

new ideas to take to the neighborhood holiday cocktail party!


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