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Summer 2017 Cooking Class Offerings!!


All reservations must be made by phone or in person.  Payment is expected at the time of registration.  Checks are accepted as well as MasterCard, Visa, Discover and American Express.

If you are registering with a gift card, please have it handy when calling in.  We will need numbers off the back of the card to complete the registration

All classes start at 6:30 pm unless otherwise indicated.

All classes are demonstration format unless otherwise indicated with “HANDS ON!!”   Some classes will offer a “hands-on opportunity”–the description will note this added feature. 

(Last update 7/ 21/17   6:00 pm)


July Cooking Classes

Croissants—from Scratch!

Date:  Tuesday, July 11  6:30 pm

Instructor:  Susie Feest

Fee:  $45.00

Availability:  sold out!!

Who doesn’t love a buttery, flaky, melt-in-your-mouth croissant?  Whether they are filled, used for a sandwich or just plain, the French sure got this pastry right!  But home made?  Really?  Let Susie take the mystery out of making—and baking—fresh croissants.  Tonight, Susie will teach and demonstrate the process of making beautiful croissants, from preparing the dough, to the technique of folding and ‘turning’ the dough.  All will be able to prepare their own croissant creations using Susie’s pre-prepared dough; and, along with a fresh summer salad, will get to enjoy a light meal featuring these sweet and savory treats.  Join us!  You’ll be inspired!

Let’s Hula—Hawaiian Luau!

Date:  Thursday, July 13  6:30 pm  

Instructor:  Betsy Piper

Fee:  50.00

Availability:   sold out!  (If you are interested in this sold out class, please leave your name on our wait list.  If an opening becomes available, or if enough people are interested in a second class, we’d be happy to call you!)

Celebrate summer with an authentic Hawaiian luau, and get inspired to put together your own luau for your friends and family!  Join Betsy to learn how to put everything together!  Tonight, Betsy will prepare for you a menu starting with Macadamia Nut Hummus accompanied by a traditional and home made Hawaiian sweetbread.  Learn to prepare Pulled Pork with Hawaiian Barbecue Sauce.   Sides of Jasmine rice and a tropical salad with Pineapple Vinaigrette will join the party.  And learn to prepare Haupia, a traditional Hawaiian coconut milk pudding.

Lovin’ That Broccoli and Cauliflower!

Date:  Monday, July 17  6:30 pm  

Instructor:  Andy Watson

Fee:  45.00

Availability:   canceled

Love those veggies!  Great for you, full of vitamin C and dietary fiber, broccoli and cauliflower are also low in fat and in carb—a good addition to any diet plan!  Enjoy them many ways, but if you are getting burned out on your own repertoire of dishes, join Andy tonight to learn some more ways to enjoy these fresh-from-the-farm veggies.  On his slate tonight:  Spicy Whole Roasted Cauliflower;  a fresh appetizer of Cauliflower Veggie Dip; Roasted Broccoli with Garlic and Chile; a refreshing Broccoli and Chickpea Salad; and a great side of Lemony Braised Broccoli.


Plant-Based Garden Party!

Date:  Tuesday, July 18    6:30 pm

Instructor:  Carola Breckbill

Fee:  45.00

Availability:  2 seats still available!

Eat the rainbow with Carola as she presents a selection of her most popular summer salads, which are masterpieces of color, texture and flavor!  These dishes are loaded with greens, veggies, grains, legumes, nuts and seeds.  Each salad could easily be served as a meal on their own.  Enjoy Carola’s planned dishes:  Colorful Black Rice Salad with Mango;  Super Rainbow Veggie Salad; and Apple Beet Slaw.  Learn the secret to making Carola’s famous Unleavened Gluten Free Buckwheat Bread, which will taste even more delicious with a spread of Homemade Cashew Cream Cheese.  For dessert, indulge in a dairy free version of Strawberry Shortcake—yum!

Carola promotes a whole plant food diet which is low in fat.  Her recipes promote vibrant health and are ideal for healthy weight management.

Rub Me Tender!

Date:  Thursday, July 20  6:30 pm  

Instructor:  Betsy Piper

Fee:  50.00

Availability:   sold out!!  (If you are interested in this sold out class, please leave your name on our wait list.  If an opening becomes available, or if enough people are interested in a second class, we’d be happy to call you!)

Let’s head on down to Memphis to try out their take on BBQ!  While up north BBQ is the taste of summer, Memphis enjoys many different types of BBQ every day!  Tonight, Betsy will lead us to Memphis, and while we will not be enjoying Graceland and Sun Records, we will try some goodies from the restaurants of the city.  Start with an appetizer of Memphis Sausage and Cheese Platter.  Betsy will talk about how to prepare the Low and Slow Memphis Pit BBQ Ribs, some Memphis style Cole Slaw; Corn on the Cob, seasoned with chili powder and lime juice; and Seasoned Fries.  And what southern menu would be complete in the summer without Southern Belle Peach Cobbler?  Have a glass of sweet tea!

Quick, Home-made Pickles!

Date:  Monday, July 24  6:30 pm  

Instructor:  Andy Watson

Fee:  45.00

Availability:   canceled

How did Grandma do it?  As soon as the cucumbers came in, pickles were getting ready.  Today, restaurants, chefs, food bloggers—and cooking classes!—are all featuring ways to pickle just about anything—and right in time to accompany dinner!  Tonight, Andy lets us in on the secrets of quick pickle–and other pickled items—to get you motivated to try your hand!  Enjoy trying Andy’s line up including:  Mississippi Chow Chow; Mixed Vegetable Pickles; Bread and Butter Mixed Hot Peppers; Quick Pickled Spring Onions; and Fresh Pickle Relish.  You’ll want some more vinegar!

 Summer Tapas

Date:  Tuesday, July 25  6:30 pm  

Instructor:  Shawn McManus

Fee:  50.00

Availability:   sold out!!

Let Chef Shawn help you pull together a menu of summertime appetizers, or ‘small plates’ for your easy going entertaining.  Shawn’s group of ‘tapas’ can be prepared easily any time of the year, really, but the carefree ease of preparation are especially welcome in the summer!  Try your hand at Arancini, an Italian rice ball appetizer with a variety of regional fillings, most often cheese;  Muhammara, a flavorful Middle Eastern red pepper and walnut spread, served with pita;  Gyro Meatballs with San Marzano Tomato Sauce and Tzatziki Sauce, a taste of Greece!  Chef Shawn will demonstrate how to prepare a “proper” Cheese Platter, with cheeses, crackers and some surprises.  Get ready for some great entertaining!

 Lily’s Mexican Feast

Date:  Wednesday, July 26  6:30 pm  

Instructor:  Lily Kilfoy

Fee:  50.00

Availability:   sold out!

A class schedule wouldn’t be complete without a Mexican feast from Lily!  Lily loves Mexican and it shows when she creates a menu for our classes!  Tonight enjoy some true Mexican delights!  Start by learning about street food as Lily prepares Mexican Street Corn, slathered in a delicious Crema and full of fresh flavors.  Her entrée for your menu is Tacos with Beef Braised in Roasted Tomato Salsa, served with Queso Fresca, fresh veggies and warm corn and flour tortillas.  Lily shows you how to prepare her take on classic Mexican sides of Refried Beans and Spanish Rice.  And for a light summery treat, prepare Lily’s Peach and Watermelon Salsa with Cinnamon Sugar Tortilla Crisps.   A terrific carefree summer—or anytime!—menu!

A Classic Julia Child Menu

Date:  Thursday, July 27  6:30 pm  

Instructor:  Betsy Piper

Fee:  50.00

Availability:   sold out!!

Tonight, Betsy takes some of the culinary queen’s classic dishes.  In honor of Julia’s birthday (she would have been 97 on August 15), Betsy annually puts together a Julia Child menu of memorable dishes that have made their way into many home cook’s hearts!  Tonight, join Betsy as she shows you how to prepare some classics.  Start with an appetizer of Petites caisses au fromage—cheese and artichoke appetizer in puff pastry shells.   A classic in American restaurants, Steak Diane, a flavorfully seasoned dish, often flambéed, will be accompanied by Creamy Mashed Potatoes and Carottes a lame braisees au beurre—carrot slivers braised in butter.  A Salade d’endives avec betteraves, endive and beet salad, follows.  Julia’s famous and favorite Chocolate Mousse completes Julia’s birthday celebration!

Unique Summer Pizzas!

Date:  Monday, July 31  6:30 pm  

Instructor:  Andy Watson

Fee:  45.00

Availability:   sold out!!

Get revved for some farm-fresh pizzas!!  Andy proves again that he loves pizza, and these pizzas are more summery than his class in April.  He also promises to share a couple of different crust versions for you to try.  Choose one style you like, and stick with it; or try them all at home!  Either way, look at this pizza line-up waiting for you:  Sun Dried Tomato Pesto with Fresh Mozzarella and Walnuts;  Summer Veggie Pizza with Three Cheese Blend; and a sweet treat, Nectarine Pizza with Basil and Reduced Balsamic Vinegar. 

Summertime Seafood!

Date:  Tuesday August 1  6:30 pm  

Instructor:  Tom Wolowik

Fee:  50.00

Availability:  3 seats left!

Tom is always up for seafood and fish, and why not?  Fish and seafood are generally  low in fat, high in protein, relatively low in calories and dense in vitamins and minerals.  Baked, grilled, broiled or chilled, fish and seafood make great entrees for the summer.  Take these creative dishes Tom will show you how to prepare in tonight’s class.  Start with a Chilled Sesame Seafood Medley, using a variety of seafood options.  A great entrée, Grilled Shrimp and Andouille Sausage Skewers over Green Rice demonstrates one for your next outdoor (or indoor) entertaining!  Try a Scallop Salad with Cider Mustard Vinaigrette for your next “you bring a salad” gathering.  And for something different to try, check out Tom’s Home Made Salmon Sausages.  Can’t wait!

 Middle Eastern Meze

Date:  Thursday, August 3  6:30 pm  

Instructor:  Betsy Piper

Fee:  50.00

Availability:  5 seats available!

Try some new flavors with Betsy’s class on Middle Eastern specialties.  A healthful style of cooking, with fresh veggies and meats, Middle Eastern natives love to spice up their food to add interest for their palate.  And not ‘spicy’ meaning ‘hot’, but spicy meaning flavorful!  Try some of the dishes with Betsys guidan  and you’ll be sold.  Start with a trio of appetizers:  Carrot, Orange Za’tar Hummus; Aleppo-style Cumin Baba Ganoush; and Sumac and Pistachio Dukkah Shrimp with Tahini.  Try the traditional entree of Chicken Schwarma, a flavorful sandwich of marinated chicken with spices, served with tahini sauce in a pita. A salad of Haloumi cheese and Walnut Salad with Nigella Seed Vinaigrette.  And for a sweet treat, learn to prepare a Rose and Pistachio Ice Cream.






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