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All Through The House Cooking Classes List for Summer 2019 (June-July-August)


PLEASE CALL 608.877.6237  OR 608.877.9403 TO REGISTER.

All reservations must be made by phone or in person.  Payment is expected at the time of
registration.  Checks are accepted as well as MasterCard, Visa, Discover
and American Express.

If you are registering with a gift card, please have it handy when calling in.

We will need numbers off the back of the card to complete the registration

All classes start at 6:30 pm unless otherwise indicated.

All classes are demonstration format unless otherwise indicated with “HANDS
ON!!”   Some classes may offer a “hands-on opportunity”–the description will indicate.

(Last update: May 19 2019,   10:50 pm )

All About BBQ Sauces

Date:  Tuesday, June 4

Instructor:   Jill McLeod

Fee: $55.00

Availability:  7

Love barbecue?  Who doesn’t! 
But so much goes into good barbecue-cooking techniques and barbecue
sauces are the stuff that create discussions between ‘cue fans.  Tonight, join our flavor expert, Jill McLeod,
to discover more about the different sauces that are out there for you to try
on all your barbecues.  Jill will be
mixing up regional specialties to try. 
If you love a good ‘cue, this is a class you must try!
  On Jill’s menu:  Kansas City Ketchup-Based BBQ Sauce; North
Carolina Cider Vinegar-Based BBQ Sauce; Baltimore’s Horseradish Cream BBQ
Sauce, South Carolina Mustard-Based BBQ Sauce; and some special Rubs for Slow

Away again in Margaritaville!

Date:  Thursday, June 6

Instructor:   Betsy Piper

Fee: $55.00

Availability:  just 2-3 seats left!

Margaritaville is a state of mind.  It’s always 5 o’clock, 85 degrees, sunny, and a Jimmy Buffet tune is

playing…somewhere. So let’s go!  Betsy will lead the charge to the beach with her culinary itinerary!

First stop-appetizers: Margaritaville Shrimp sautéed in a tequila-lime sauce.  Next stop:an entrée of

Baked Chicken Thighs with Chili-Lime Rub, served with pineapple, green onion and cilantro rice.  Third

stop:  tropical Paradise Island salad with Lime-Honey Vinaigrette.  Last stop:  a delightful light treat of

Key Lime Mousse.  And what trip to Margaritaville would be complete without Margaritas-”that frozen

concoction that helps me hang on”?No need to look for your lost shaker of salt!

Summer Sides

Date:  Tuesday, June 11

Instructor:  Jill McLeod

Fee:  $55.00

Availability:  10

Summertime is the perfect time for gatherings with friends and family, and what better
than an outdoor picnic?  While barbecue seems to be the main event (see Jill’s class on June 4!), the variety of side
dishes seem to always be the same old thing.  Change it up this summer with Jill’s help!  Enjoy and be inspired by a variety of new
flavors for old favorites.  A new spin on the cole slaws and potato salads that find their way to the table may be just
the wake up call your taste buds are looking for.  Sample Jill’s planned dishes:  Sweet Potato and Feta Salad; Balsamic
  Old Fashioned Pickled Cucumbers; Sauteed Eggplant and Apples
and more! 

Dining with the Swiss Guard

Date:  Thursday, June 13

Instructor:  Betsy Piper

Fee:  $55.00

Availability:  8

Did you know that to be a member of the elite Pontifical Swiss Guard, you actually have to be a
Swiss citizen?  The colorfully costumed Swiss Guard are not just ceremonial, but are serious militia, all having served
in the Swiss Army.  These 110 young men must be under 30, single and Catholic in order to serve and protect the Vatican and
the Pope for two years.  In return, they are provided a salary, housing and daily meals provided by the Albertine
sisters, a Polish order.  The guard are fed many Italian specialties as well as Northern European favorites like
sausages and sauerkraut!  Tonight, Betsy takes you there to try some of the dishes the guard enjoy day to day.  Start with a Cheese Torte Italiana, made with eggs, sun dried tomatoes, capers and fontina and gorgonzola cheeses
in an herbed crust.  An entrée of Chicken Arrabiata is served-chicken in a spicy tomato sauce full of onions,
garlic, pepperoncini and rosemary-accompanied by a side of Risotto and Artichoke-a
rich Italian rice staple, chock full of artichoke hearts.  Finish your meal with a slice of Chocolate
Amaretto Cake

Whole Food, Plant Based in Mexico!

Date:Tuesday, June 18

Instructor:  Carola Breckbill

Fee:  $48.00

Availability:  9

Mexican-style cuisine is very popular with everyone these days.  If you are keeping a vegetarian, vegan or plant based household; or simply want some fresh dishes for Meatless Mondays, you can enjoy Mexican and Latin flavored dishes without sacrificing taste and flavor!  Join Carola as she demonstrates how to cook oil-free and plant based Mexican style dishes, designed to satisfy both your appetite and your health!  Menu to follow.

Make, Bake and Take the Cake!

Date:  Wednesday, June 19

Instructor:  Susie Feest

Fee:  $48.00

Availability:   just 1-2 seats left!

PARTIAL HANDS ON!!  Join pastry chef Susie to learn to prepare one of her favorite, go-to
cakes to bring to your summer events, Chocolate Buttermilk Cake with Chocolate
Italian Meringue Buttercream and Raspberry Filling
!  In this class, you will learn some of Susie’s
tips to preparing a professional quality, show-stopping layer cake, complete
with frosting, filling and decorations.  You’ll even participate by decorating your own small cake to take home,
as Susie will show you how to use piping bags and tips.  This will be a great class to get your feet
wet in cake decorating, especially if you are new to baking, want to learn some
more tips and techniques, want to pick the pastry chef’s brain-or just want to
eat some delicious cake!

Celebrating the Midnight Sun

Date:  Thursday, June 20

Instructor:  Betsy Piper

Fee:  $55.00

Availability:  9

After a long, cold winter, the Scandinavians look for reasons to party and enjoy
their outdoors and nature.  So when the Summer Solstice-the longest day of the year-comes along, it is a reason to
celebrate!  With traditional songs, music, dances and huge bonfires, Scandinavians from most northern countries
break out the food and drink and enjoy the festivities!  This year, with the solstice on June 21, the
(Midsummer festival) will go all weekend, so get planning for your own celebration!  In this class, Betsy will
teach you some favorite casual food to build your own bonfire to.  Start with a refreshing Aquavit Spritzer, made
with lingonberry preserves, soda and Aquavit!  Nosh on Marinated Skewers with Jarlsberg cheese and cherry tomatoes and
Pickled Beets.  Enjoy a platter of Lasekabaret-salmon with hardboiled eggs, tomatoes and shrimp, and sauces; along with a Dilled
Potato Salad
.  End your meal with
Fyrstekake, “Prince Cake“ a tart made with almonds and flavored with cardamom.

Exploring Oils and Vinegars

Date:  Tuesday, June 25

Instructor:  Jill McLeod

Fee:  $55.00

Availability: 10

Going to a gourmet store to select oils and vinegars for salad dressings-or whatever!-can be confusing with all
the offerings that are available.
  What flavors go with salads?  Meats?  What can I cook with?  What is all the hype on vinegars anyway?  Hold up, that’s why we invite Jill to teach a class on these everyday components of cooking! 
Expand your horizons-learn how to select different oils for the right use.  Take part in an Oil
and Vinegar Tasting
.  Learn to Personalize and Prepare Your Own Marinades/Dressings/Dips.   Use
herbs from your own garden to create herb-infused oils and vinegars for personal gifts!
  See how easy it can be
Make Fresh Pickled Veggies.  And for a treat, try Jill’s Balsamic Fudge Cookies! 
You will use the information you get from Jill so often, you will wonder why you didn’t take this class before!

Summertime Tapas

Date:  Wednesday, June 26

Instructor:  Lily Kilfoy

Fee:  $55.00

Availability:  7

In Spain, tapas are a way of life.  Not big on home entertaining, the evening stroll to enjoy small plates and a glass of
wine are part of the culture.
  Meet friends, have conversations, have a bite, move on to the next tapeo.  Kind of like barhopping with food.  Some regions call tapas a meal, some retreat to a meal at home afterwards.  Tonight,
get a taste of Spanish tapas with Chef Lily.
  Her planned menu includes: 
Pan con Tomate – Grilled Bread with
garlic infused olive oil, heirloom tomatoes and herbs; Patatas con Chorizo y Vegetales-
New potatoes and Spanish style chorizo sautéed with local market veggies; Spinach
and Queso Croquetta
– Mouthwatering savory spinach and cheese deep
fried croquettes;  Alitas de Pollo – Sweet and spicy chicken wings marinated with honey, smoked paprika and roasted till
crisp and sticky;  and
Ensalada de Calabasa-a simple yet delicious dish of
fresh thin shaved zucchini with toasted almonds, lemon and olive oil.  Make an evening of it!

A Sultry Eastern Mediterranean Evening

Date:  Thursday, June 27

Instructor:  Betsy Piper

Fee:  $55.00

Availability: 10

Flavorful dining requires trying some new things!  The diet of the Middle East is
very healthful, but also very flavorful!  Who doesn’t enjoy hummus-and it’s a healthy snack!  Some herbs and spices you may not be familiar with lend a lot of flavor to ingredients you know well!  Betsy will educate you on these healthy foods
with her Middle Eastern menu.  Start a Hummus Platter with Olives and Feta Cheese,
along with Pancar Ezmesi, a Turkish favorite dip of beets, olive oil, yogurt and garlic, and Pide, a Turkish flatbread.  Follow up with an entrée of Honey Spiced Chicken with Orange Sauce, served with basmati rice.  A regional
favorite, Labneh (a yogurt cheese) Cheesecake with Pomegranate Caramel will satisfy your sweet tooth. 
You’ll enjoy trying these new flavors!

 July and August classes coming shortly!








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