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All Through The House Cooking Classes List for Fall/Holiday




All reservations must be made by phone or in person.  Payment is expected at the time of
registration.  Checks are accepted as well as MasterCard, Visa, Discover
and American Express.

If you are registering with a gift card, please have it handy when calling in.

We will need numbers off the back of the card to complete the registration

All classes start at 6:30 pm unless otherwise indicated.

All classes are demonstration format unless otherwise indicated with “HANDS
ON!!”   Some classes may offer a “hands-on opportunity”–the description will indicate.

(Last update:  November 13 2019,  2:25 pm )

Fall Soups with Tom

Date:Tuesday, November 5

Instructor:  Tom Wolowik

Fee:  $55.00

Availability:  sold out!! (if interested, please leave your name on our waiting list!)

Fall into winter is time to get the soup pot back out and park it on the stove top.And hearty soups start at this time

of year and carry through most of the winter.  So let’s refresh our collections with Tom’s class.Tom will share three

of his favorites with you tonight.  Try his Fall Vegetable with Ham; White Bean Soup with Sausage and Kale; and

a special Cioppini with Seafood Medley.  These hearty soups only require your favorite crusty bread to accompany

them and they are a meal!

All About Sweet Spices with Jill

Date:Wednesday, November 6

Instructor:  Jill McLeod

Fee:  $55.00

Availability:  canceled

The baking spices are now in full swing!  Time to check your supplies of sweet spices like cinnamon, ginger, allspice and,

in these parts, cardamom, in preparation for holiday baking.  But what if you aren’t baking?  What else can you do with

these sweet spices?  Let Jill educate your palate!  Jill, our defacto spice expert, enjoys sharing her spice knowledge with

students, and tonight’s tasty lesson is just what you are looking for!  Try a side or dessert of Gingered Melon.  You won’t

want to share your Cinnamon Bacon (as Jill says, take it into a closet and hoard it by yourself!).  As a main or side dish,

you’ll be surprised the sweet spices that find themselves in a hearty Moroccan Couscous.  Of course, Jill must share a

sweet treat with sweet spices-enjoy a Super Snickerdoodle!  And try some spiced up fall warmer-uppers, Chai and

Mexican Coffee.

Dining with Pavarotti

Date:Thursday, November 7

Instructor:  Betsy Piper

Fee:  $55.00

Availability:  sold out!!(if interested, please leave your name for our waiting list!)

In Milan is a restaurant and museum dedicated to the Maestro, Luciano Pavarotti.  His love of food was second

only to his love of music, and this restaurant is devoted to the foods he loved, the foods of Italy and especially

the Emilian region.  You can check out the Pavarotti Milano Restaurant Museum at

and the full menu.  Tonight, Betsy will bring you some of the Maestro’s favorites.  Start with an appetizer of

Marinated Antipasto; followed by Pavarotti’s own Linguini Recipe.  Enjoy a fine Steak with Porcini Mushrooms and

Sherry Wine Sauce and Insalata di Arugula, an arugula salad.  For dessert, try Torta Barozzi, an Emilia original from

Vignola, outside of Modena.  Home to balsamic vinegar, this sinful flourless almond chocolate cake is flavored with

prized, rich and aged version of the vinegar adding a distinctive zest!

Holiday Sides

Date:Wednesday, November 13

Instructor:  Jill McLeod

Fee:  $55.00

Availability:  canceled

At holiday time, whether you are hosting the feast or bringing a dish to pass, we all are looking for either a new dish

or an update for a traditional one.  Jill to the rescue!Her menu for tonight’s class is a twist on classics with a dash of

new!  For example, try her family favorite that brightens up the harvest table, Vanilla Carrots.  Instead of a yeast roll,

why not incorporate a delicious Rosemary and Aged Cheddar Scone? (PS–if there’s any left, an amazing leftover

too!)  Sweet potatoes always make an appearance at the holidays-try Jill’s new take with her Sweet Potato, Chickpea

and Feta Cheese Bake.  And to kick it up a notch, add Roasted Aloo Gobi to your table-roasted potatoes and

cauliflower in a blanket of a warming spice blend.  PS.Great sides-and sometimes even main dishes–for everyday too!

Tips and Tricks: It’s Puff Pastry Time!

Date:Thursday, November 14

Instructor:  Betsy Piper

Fee:  $55.00

Availability:  sold out!!

We always look forward to this annual entry to our cooking class schedule to see what puff pastry treats Betsy has

up her sleeve this time!First and foremost, Betsy will show novices how to become comfortable–then savvy!-with

puff pastry by sharing tips and techniques she has learned over the years.  Learn some fun treats and menu for your

holiday entertaining!  Betsy’s planned menu includes; Pizza Turnovers;  Sweet and Savory Pannis; Puff Taco Strudel;

Puff Pastry Wrapped Shrimp with Bacon and Herbed Cheese; Mini Cheese Tartlets; Chicken en croute; and a sweet

addition for your table, Lemon Mini Napoleons.

Whole Food, Plant-Based Living:Holiday Feast

Date:Tuesday, November 19

Instructor:  Carola Breckbill

Fee:  $48.00

Availability:  sold out!  (if you are interested in this class, please leave us your name and info for our wait list)

Join Carola to learn how to put together a completely plant based Thanksgiving feast!  Celebrate

the harvest with a smorgasbord of colorful vegetables, grains, roots, nuts and fruits transformed

into a gratifying ‘traditional’ meal.  Relish plant based recipes that are oil-free, low fat, minimally

processed and loaded with nutrients and fiber!  Carola’s feasting menu will include:  Wild Rice

Butternut Stuffing;  Lentil Loaf with Thyme;  Mushroom Gravy; Roasted Garlic Potato Mash;

Cranberry Date Relish; and even a dessert-Raw Chocolate Pumpkin Pie!  Bring your bib!

Party Appetizers!

Date:  Wednesday, November 20

Instructor:  Lily Kilfoy

Fee:  $55.00

Availability:  canceled

Holiday parties.  What to bring?  The debate is on-tried and true or try something new? 

Why not mix it up with a little of both?  That’s what Lily’s appetizer menu for class looks like,

with her spin on old favorites, and some new ones to test out with your friends. Call your friends,

BYOB and get these starters out to start the party!  Start with Lily’s take on a party classic,

Creamy Caramelized Onion Dip-slow cooked sweet Vidalia onions with sour cream, cream cheese,

herbs and spices and served warm.  Chicken Parmigian Stuffed Mushrooms-a main dish in a bite! 

Sauteed chicken with parmesan and basil, stuffed into mushrooms with marinara and mozzarella

cheese.  Garlic Bread Crostini with Pork Loin, Baby Kale and Tomato Aioli.  Buffalo Cauliflower

Bites-spice roasted cauliflower florets served with dilly dip and crudité.  And Grilled Marinated

Shrimp served with Fire Roasted Romesco Sauce.  Use one, two or all of these recipes at your

party this holiday!

Elegant and Easy Holiday Bites

Date:Thursday, November 21

Instructor:  Betsy Piper

Fee:  $55.00

Availability:  5 seats now available!

Our annual holiday celebration classes wouldn’t be the same without Betsy’s ‘bites’ class!  In setting up your holiday

grazing table, the variety of ‘nibbles’ in both flavor and look adds to the presentation!  Tonight, join Betsy for her

group of apps sure to get your party started!  Check out this planned menu:  Antipasto Bites-salami baked in muffin

tines filled with artichoke hearts, red bell pepper, basil and mini mozzarella balls.  Christmas Tree Roll Up-festive

with spinach tortilla wrapped around cream cheese, olives, red peppers, basil and parmesan.  Bacon wrapped

Artichoke Bites with Aioli.  Mini Crab Cakes with Lemon Aioli.  Easy Mini Mousse Dessert Bites.  Score some great

new ideas to take to the neighborhood holiday cocktail party!


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