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All Through The House Cooking Classes List for Winter

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All reservations must be made by phone or in person.  Payment is expected at the time of
registration.  Checks are accepted as well as MasterCard, Visa, Discover
and American Express.

If you are registering with a gift card, please have it handy when calling in. 

We will need numbers off the back of the card to complete the registration

All classes start at 6:30 pm unless otherwise indicated.

All classes are demonstration format unless otherwise indicated with “HANDS
ON!!”   Some classes may offer a “hands-on opportunity”–the description will

(Last update: January 15 2019,   9:40 pm )

Jamaican Vacation!

Date:  Wednesday, January 23

Instructor:  Lily Kilfoy

Fee:  $55.00

Availability:  just 2 seats left!

Join Lily on her culinary getaway to Jamaica!Think sand, surf, warmth, minimal clothingand, importantly, the

flavors of the islands!Jamaican food, like that of many of the Caribbean islands, have many influences on their

foods.Spanish, African, Cornish, even Chinese travelers in the Caribbean left the best of their own native foods

on the islands.Lily’s appetizer of Jamaican Beef & Veggie Patties, are just such an example. Designed after the

Cornish pasty, these appetizer balls of crispy curry crust protecting a hearty filling of beef and veggies with

flavors of garlic, smoked paprika and hot, spicy chili pepper can be a meal unto itself.  Lily’s entrée of West

Indies Curried Shrimp and Peppers,  is a creamy, saucy dish with vegetables and tomatoes coupled with native

herbs and spices, and, of course, fresh shrimp.  A side dish of Jamaican Pigeon Peas, Rice and Sweet Corn takes

the traditional staple of the islands and adds sweet corn.  Finish your meal with Caribbean flavors in a light sweet

treat of Lime and Coconut Sugar Cookies.  You’ll want to catch a plane to try more Caribbean flavors!

Classic Swiss Fondue

Date:Thursday, January 24

Instructor:  Betsy Piper

Fee:  $55.00

Availability:  5

Fondue originated in Switzerland in the 18th century, but became more popular in the 1800s.

Melting cheese with wine and dipping old bread in it communally was a quick way to feed

families.  The Swiss Cheese Union began marketing fondue as Switzerland’s national dish, with

slogans like “Fondue creates a good mood.”  It was further popularized at the Swiss Pavilion at

the 1964 World’s Fair. Today, there are 20+ variations on traditional Swiss fondue!  Tonight learn

to prepare your own Swiss cheese fondue with Betsy, complete with bread, boiled potatoes,

sausages and veggies.  The Classic Fondue Bourguignonne, invented by Chalet Suisse in New York, cooks

meats in oils, and is served with a variety of dipping sauces.And what fondue dinner would be complete

without a Chocolate Fondue?  Invented as part of a promotion with Swiss chocolatier Toblerone, the

melted chocolate is served with assorted fresh fruits.

A Tribute to Anthony Bourdain

Date:Thursday, January 31

Instructor:  Betsy Piper

Fee:  $55.00

Availability: sold out!!!  (interested?  please add your name to our waiting list!)

Born in New York City, Anthony Bourdain caught his cooking bug on a family vacation to
France, tasting his first oyster.  After graduating from The Culinary Institute of New York, he

worked in a variety of restaurants including a long stint as the executive chef at Brasserie Les

Halles in New York.His first book, a nonfiction account of working restaurant kitchens, Kitchen

Confidential, became a New York Times bestseller in 2000. He continued writing, from two more

nonfiction books chronicling his travel and food exploits to cookbooks to a mystery novel and

even a graphic novel!  And of course, went on to television, with food, travel, adventure and food

programs.  Tonight, Betsy celebrates the early life of Anthony Bourdain from his years at

Brasserie Les Halles, and his classic French recipes from Anthony Bourdains’s Les Halles

Cookbook.Start with 1st course favorites Les Halles Onion Soup and a classic Belgian Moules

Marinieres, mussels cooked in a white wine broth.  Enjoy an entree of Steak with Port sauce and

roasted shallots, accompanied by Pommes Puree- special mashed potatoes.   A palate cleansing

salad of greens, radishes, carrots, and apples with a yogurt-chive dressing follows.   Finish your

meal with a decadent Chocolate Hazelnut Tart.

Dinner in the Mexican Cocina

Date:  Wednesday, February 6

Instructor:  Lily Kilfoy

Fee:  $55.00

Availability:  sold out!!! (interested? please add your name to our waiting list!)

One of Lily’s favorite cuisines to explore is Mexican.  Tonight, learn a new menu from Lily’s Mexican repertoire.

Start with a hearty appetizer of Warm Chorizo, Refried Beans and Oaxacan Cheese broiled in

ramekins and served with tortilla chips.  A flavorful entrée of Lime & Garlic Marinated Chicken

Breast Fajitas with Sautéed Peppers and Onions follows, served with fresh guacamole, salsa Mexicana,

Monterey Jack Cheese, Sour Cream and warm Flour Tortillas.  And for your el postre, enjoy Sopapillas

a classic New Mexican fried Donuts tossed in Cinnamon Sugar and finished with Honey Drizzle.

Middle Eastern Soul

Date:  Thursday, February 7

Instructor:  Betsy Piper

Fee:  $55.00

Availability:  6

The flavors and components of Middle Eastern cuisine have made it, according to many sources, one of

the fastest growing ethnic cuisines in the United States.  This is the home of hummus, a growingly

popular and healthful side dish originally from this region. In fact, as an appetizer, Betsy plans

Hummus Masabacha with Kawarma – Israeli style hummus with a spiced beef topping,  Flavorings

are an important component to the Middle Eastern food-styles, so Betsy has designated an entrée

of Za’atar Roasted Chicken with rice; accompanied by Grated Zucchini with Garlic in Olive Oil.  A Lemon

and Parsley Salad with Pomegranate Molasses topped with Walnuts follows. Try some traditional

treats of Ma’amoul, date stuffed semolina cookies.

Truffles for Someone Special!

Date:Thursday, February 12

Instructor:  Susie Feest

Fee:  $48.00

Availability: 10

HANDS ONPerfect for Valentine’s Day, join Susie for one of her favorite classes-truffles!  Susie

will teach you to prepare the ganache, the key to a delicious truffle.  After that, your creativity is

on deck, and Susie will bring oodles of goodies to let your creativity go crazy!  Make a bunch to take

home and/or give as gifts to your sweetheart(s)!  PS.You may want to bring an apron-this will get


Valentine’s Dinner Lovers Celebration

Date:Thursday, February 14

Instructor:  Betsy Piper

Fee:  $55.00

Availability:  just 2 seats are left!

Take your sweetie to a cooking class for Valentine’s Day!  Betsy has put together a menu perfect for

romance.  A classic and rich Lobster Bisque starts out the evening.  An entrée of Steak with Herb Butter,

with sides of Potato and Porcini Mushroom Gratin, and Artichoke Hearts with Peas. A palate-cleansing

salad of mixed greens along with a Champagne Vinaigrette follows.  And a perfectly charming Heart

Shaped Crème Bruleecompletes your romantic repast!

Honoring Jose Andres

Date:Thursday, February 21

Instructor:  Betsy Piper

Fee:  $55.00

Availability:  6

Chef Jose Andres is an energetic Spanish-American chef and businessman.  Often credited for bringing

the concept of “small plates” to the United States, Chef Andres is a serial restauranteur with many

upscale restaurants on both coasts.  He also has created a not-for-profit organization, World

Central Kitchen, devoted to getting healthy food to those affected by natural disasters. In admiration,

Betsy has developed a class in Chef Andres’ honor, full of classic Spanish dishes.  Starting with an

appetizer-size Smoky Paella with Chicken and Shrimp;  the meal moves to an entrée of Pork

Roast with Sausage, Apricots and Nut Stuffing, accompanied by Mashed Potatoes with Manchego

Cheese and Olive Oil.   A refreshing salad with saffron vinaigrette is up next.  And for dessert, try

Tocino de Cielo, a rich and eggy custardy cousin of flan.

Knife Skills 101

Date:Monday, February 25

Instructor:  Tom Wolowik

Fee:  $70.00

Availability: 10

HANDS ON!! The most precious-and protected-tools in a professional kitchen

are cook’s sharp knives. Chefs and cooks use knives unguardedly, sharpening up

the edges periodically through their shifts to get a freshly clean and sharp edge for

their many jobs in the kitchen. Tonight, bring in your knives from home for some

hands-on cooking fun and education. First, drop your most-used knives off ahead

of the class for a complimentary sharpening for the class. Tom will teach you how

to use a steel to maintain your edge. Next, learn and practice some new knife skills

and techniques as the class preps and prepares a soup, a salad and a main course.

You’ll enjoy the 3 course meal you helped prepare, take home newly sharpened

knives and freshly honed skills! Included in this class will be one of our favorite

workhorse knives, Wusthof Trident’s Classic  3.5″ Paring Knife, suggested

retail value 84.00.

Polish Chicagoan

Date: Thursday, February 28

Instructor:  Betsy Piper

Fee:  $55.00

Availability:  6

Hearty food is fundamental to the Polish cuisine.  Hard working people need good fuel, and Polish

food is rich in meats, noodles and dairy.  Tonight, let Betsy show you a menu of Polish favorite dishes.

Start your meal off with Pieczarki Nadziewane–stuffed mushrooms;  and Barszcz–Borscht Soup, made

with beets. Przysmak Bialostocki -Bialystok boneless pork with sauteed mushrooms, onions and green

bell pepper, served with new potatoes.  A traditional Salatka z czwonez kapusty-a red cabbage salad

cleanses the palate.  And for dessert, enjoy some Dessert PierogiesNadine z czarnych jagod-with

blueberry filling; Czereniowe nadzienie-with Cherry filling; and Pierogi Waniliowe-with Vanilla-cheese filling.

Honey Feast

Date:Thursday, March 7

Instructor:  Betsy Piper

Fee:  $55.00

Availability:  sold out!! (interested? please add your name to our waiting list!)

BY REQUEST!  Join your fellow honey enthusiasts and apiary aficionados for a special dinner, with

honey in the starring role!   Betsy was asked to develop a menu that would feature the sweet nectar.

Start with an appetizer of Honey Brushed Pear and Herb Cheese Crostini.  A Roasted Honey Boneless

Pork Loin with Honey Cranberry Relish stars as the entrée, accompanied by Steamed Vegetables with

Honey Topping and Honeyed Cornbread.  Add a salad of mixed greens with Honey Mustard Vinaigrette.

And for dessert, try a Walnut and Honey Pie.  It’s a honey of a class!

Gluten Free Desserts

Date:Tuesday, March 12

Instructor:  Susie Feest

Fee:  $48.00

Availability: 10

BY REQUEST!  Everyone knows someone who is restricting gluten.But a gluten free lifestyle doesn’t

have to mean a treat free lifestyle!  Join Susie to learn some new desserts for your gluten-free

repertoire.  Because everyone should have some chocolate in their life, start with an infamous Flourless

Chocolate Cake!  So much you can do with this recipe!  Add a Chocolate Ganache Glaze to totally ramp

up the chocolate-y goodness!  Next up is Shortbread: use this recipe as cookies or as a tart base for a  Chocolate

Ganache Tart.  Finally, got a special event upcoming? Try Susie’s 3-Layer Sponge Cake with Whipped Cream and

Raspberries–a perfect light spring dessert, and gluten free!  Judging by the requests, this class will fill quickly!

In Gratitude to Guinness!

Date: Thursday, March 14

Instructor: Betsy Piper

Fee: $55.00

Availability: 10

It’s St. Paddy’s Day, so let’s enjoy an Irish-themed meal in St. Patrick’s honor!   And Betsy

has put together a menu for you to learn and replicate at home for your family and/or

friends on the weekend!  One takeaway on this menu-everything is better with Guinness!

Start off with an appetizer of Shrimp Cocktail with Marie Rose Sauce,  a cocktail sauce

invented in the 1960s by British cook, Fanny Cradock.   Along with a traditional Irish Soda

Bread,  Betsy will show you how to make a tasty Mushroom and Guinness Pie. For an entrée,

a warming Guinness Beef Stew, chock full of sirloin, vegetables and, of course, Guinness!

Add a salad of greens and Magners Irish Cider dressing.   And for dessert, try something

different-Guinness Black and White Chocolate Mousse!  Guinness-so much more than beer!

Intro to New Orleans Style

Date: Wednesday, March 20

Instructor:  Lily Kilfoy

Fee:  $55.00

Availability:  just 1 -2 seats left!

Another of Lily’s favorite cooking styles is that of NOLA, or New Orleans, Louisiana.It’s distinctive style of its Cajun
population, a rustic type of cooking using locally available ingredients; and Creole, a blend of French, Spanish,

African and other influential regional cultures; blend together on menus, creating characteristic flavors of the

area.  Tonight, Lily will demonstrate these influences with her menu that melds the two:start with an appetizer

of Crostini with Lemon-Herb Cream Cheese, sautéed Bell Peppers and Andouille Sausage.  Learn to make Lily’s

entrée of Creole Shrimp with Tomato- Bacon Cream Sauce, accompanied by Louisiana Style Rice Pilaf and Brown

Butter Roasted Cauliflower with Smoky Breadcrumbs.  A dessert to be determined will be added.

Farmhouse Italian

Date:Thursday, March 21

Instructor:  Betsy Piper

Fee:  $55.00

Availability:  sold out!!  (interested? please add your name to our waiting list!)

Relaxed, rustic Italian food, perfect for a lazy weekend get together!  Join Betsy to learn to prepare this warming
menu, great for this time of year when the weather can go spring or winter!  Start with a tray of Antipasto,
followed with an appetizer of Spaghetti con salsa di noci-spaghetti tossed with a walnut sauce.   An entrée of

a traditional Sicilian Spiedini,  rolled beef, skewered and grilled; accompanied by Roasted Parmigiano-Reggiano

Potatoes; and Cannellini beans with Tuscan Kale.  Save room for a slice of a special Italian dessert, a Ricotta

-Semolina Cheesecake with Marsala.







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