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Meet Our Instructors

All Through The House’s class instructors enjoy sharing their knowledge of cooking with you in our comfortable kitchen. Each have their own style and specialties!

Carola Breckbill has long been a friend of All Through The House.  With a background in nursing, Carola has always had a passion for food and cooking.  After a transformative experience, Carola found the Whole Food Plant Based diet, a food plan that utilizes low fat, whole plants, grains and legumes to address health concerns such as weight management, nutrition and chronic illnesses.  Now Carola has studied the benefits of this lifestyle for the past six years and has received her certificate in Whole Food Plant Based Nutrition from Cornell University.  She  spends countless hours developing recipes that are both delicious and nutritious.  Join Carola in her classes as she passionately shares the “good news” and shows you how to prepare and enjoy plant based meal plans.

Susie Feest teaches up and coming chefs at Madison College’s Culinary Program specializing in the Baking and Pastry Arts. Susie’s newest challenge is her own business called “Sweet Feest” where she creates cakes , desserts and treats for everyone!  Susie teaches classes at other venues around the area as well as All Through The House, and enjoys taking on private, in-home classes and parties for clients.  Susie likes to have fun with food and offers classes that get her students involved!  And special kudos are in order–this summer, Susie earned her CWPC designation–Certified Working Pastry Chef–after exhaustive examinations.  Congratulations, Susie!

Lily Kilfoy has started her own business, The Kids Chef, that specializes in teaching children to cook and the many benefits of developing kitchen skills for life. Educated in Madison College’s Culinary Program, Lily spent 5 years cooking and teaching classes at Willy Street Coop where she developed her love of teaching. Currently, in conjunction with the REAP group, she is teaching elementary and high school kids about healthy foods and cooking in schools to help develop those skills. With a passion for ethnic and regional cuisine, Lily also enjoys sharing her knowledge with her adult students. Lily insists on a farm-to-table approach, incorporating local and seasonal foods in her cooking. Lily also is available for in-home private parties.

At the elbow
of a grandmother who drew upon her own passed-down font of cooking knowledge; cooking gadgets and tools that included a
coffee cup and her two hands; and her five
inborn senses was how Jill McLeod first experienced-and
learned!- the mysteries of the kitchen.She was hooked.  From that point
on, her curiosity guided her through more experiences:apprenticing at the Spice House in Milwaukee
to learn more about that segment.  Working in exchange for classes of the Cordon Bleu method. Traveling and living internationally,
tasting and cooking local fare along the way.  Seeking out and reading every story cookbook she could put her hands on.  And finally ending in the kitchen, putting
all that curiosity and learning to work, playing with all the elements. This is the joy of cooking that Jill McLeod brings
to her teaching.

Betsy Piper has been teaching at All Through The House for the last 19 years! Betsy cooked for The French House, a UW-Madison French-immersion dorm for 32 years and recently retired–they called her the Julia Child of UW! But she can’t get enough of cooking! Betsy’s specialty is cuisine from Europe, South America, North Africa and she loves to share a full meal experience with her students. Her easy style makes her classes a favorite with her students!

Neeta Saluja wants to share her native Indian cuisine with everyone! Neeta teaches classes all around the Madison area, getting the word out about how to prepare delicious Indian dishes with ease. Neeta authored a book on this very subject, Six Spices: A Simple Concept of Indian Cooking.  Neeta’s easy-going classes are enjoyed by everyone, from those who love Indian food to the student who wants to learn some new flavors to the vegetarian who needs to ‘spice up’ their menus!

Tom Wolowik has been teaching at All Through the House for the past 17 years, and each class seems like it was the best one ever.  Tom’s day job is cooking at Bistro 101 in Mt. Horeb, where he admits he has been able to add so much to his experience after 14 years at The Seafood Center.  His spare time is spent as a dad to his two kids, as a fishing enthusiast, and as a foodie who loves cooking and wants to share what he learns with us.


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